Heart Saving Solutions for:
AED WEB based Trakker
Compact, Portable lightweight AED
that can easily go anywhere!
Now with 10 year warranty!
Finally an easy way to keep track of your AEDs,
Pads, batteries, first responders, training cycles
and more!
New version 3.0 now available
with mapping capability
Due to customer demand AED
Everywhere now supports all major
AEDs and accessories.
You can't choose when Sudden Cardiac Arrest
will strike or who will be there to help but you
can be prepared

Contact us for more information on AEDs and AED
programs and how you too can be a life saver instead of
a by stander.
This year is a very special year for Cardiac
Science: They are celebrating the 100-year
anniversary of Burdick, one of their
predecessor companies founded in 1913.
Cardiac Science eventually acquired the
company, and the Burdick name remains a
well-respected brand in the diagnostic
cardiology field. The Burdick products,
designed in their corporate orange color,
have become synonymous with superior
patient care.
Cardiac Science Celebrates
100 year anniversery
To commemorate the 100-
year anniversary, they are
issuing limited-edition
Powerheart® G3 automated
external defibrillators (AEDs)
that feature an orange-and-

blue design, versus the typical
blue-and-yellow AED design,
to pay homage to the Burdick